It is now 2019!  Can you believe it?!  Part of our team’s new year’s resolutions is to ensure our patients feel supported and encouraged during this season.  This is commonly a time when people reflect on their personal health and set goals for the new year. Dr. DiPiero suggests you take some time to consider what is most important to you.  Try not to get overwhelmed by setting lofty goals, but remember that it is the small steps plus consistency that gets you to your desired end. Wellness First is a concierge, primary care practice that takes you a step further by offering the quality time, expertise and personal attention to discover together what works best for you.

In the spirit of the new year, we would like to reintroduce you to Dr. Danielle DiPiero, who joined our practice in late 2017.  Dr. DiPiero graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with her bachelor’s degree in Biology. She attended medical school at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine and then went on to complete her three years of post-graduate training in Anderson, South Carolina at Anmed Health. Like most students, it was during her final year of residency that she began seeking a position that best suited her practice aspirations.  

It was somewhat serendipitous when she came across Wellness First on the job listing page of the American Academy of Family Physicians website. She vividly recalls the job description feeling like…“it was written just for me!” What is more, during her interview with Dr. Hadley, they both realized their instant chemistry and like-mindedness in the way they want to care for their patients. They believe in getting to the root cause of an issue as opposed to just treating its symptoms.  They desire to truly know their patients on a personal level and provide the best in concierge medical care. They also want to be proactive and innovative with each patients’ unique treatment plan. Simply put, it was love at first meeting…as far as culture, approach and practice philosophy goes…and so it was in October 2017 that Dr. DiPiero joined the practice.

Dr. DiPiero readily admits that not many people are privileged enough to land their dream job right out of residency.  She does not take it lightly and is grateful everyday that Dr. Hadley gave her this opportunity. Her intentions are to be here long term, build a strong foundation with her patients and to be a contributing member of this community. So far, her favorite moments are when patients tell her they feel like she listened to them and and were heard. For Dr. DiPiero, it is important to take her time with each patient and give them her full attention. Her interests in osteopathic and functional medicine have aligned perfectly with the practice’s approach to addressing the mind, body and spirit in order to achieve optimal health.

The same vigour and passion Danielle exudes in her professional life can also be seen in her personal life. She is a HUGE fitness and sports enthusiast, as she loves taking part in local CrossFit competitions, weight training, beach volleyball, tennis, and is very involved in her church. Her parents, Tim and Cheryl DiPiero, are her best friends. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on raising a compassionate, kind and fun young woman. They instilled the principles of honesty, humility and respect into Dr. DiPiero and her brothers at a young age. “My parents have always been in my corner. I have never known a time when they did not do everything in their power to support me and my brothers.  Their love and active participation in my life has made all the difference for me.” Dr. DiPiero credits both her parents for her fun-loving nature.

Always the first to open the dance floor and the last to leave, she definitely enjoys ‘getting her groove on’ and dancing like nobody’s watching! We know that you will find in her exactly what the doctor ordered as you embark on your health journey. Dr. DiPiero is looking forward to getting to know each and every one of our patients, so please feel free to reach out to her here.  She would love to hear from you!

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