Advanced Cardiovascular and Neurologic Testing (ANS and WAVi)

Autonomic Nervous System Testing

The non-invasive PC8B and BT-ABI systems are FDA approved tests that measure the health of your autonomic nervous system, your peripheral vascular circulation, and your cardio-metabolic processes.  Testing can detect early signs of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, peripheral neuropathy and more. By detecting early changes before a “disease” is apparent, treatment can be started to stop further deterioration and instead, reverse damage.

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Advanced Cardiovascular Testing Juno Beach

WAVi Testing

WAVi testing is a simple, painless, fast, objective and FDA-approved EEG (brain scan) that measures brain speed, voltage and reaction time and then uses that data to aid in the diagnosis of various conditions affecting the brain.

A WAVi test is performed in 30 minutes and involves wearing a helmet.  The test results provide objective information that can assist in learning your functional brain age. It also aids in the diagnosis and treatment of concussion, traumatic brain injury, dementia, mood disorders and ADHD.

Wellness First is one of the few practices in the State of Florida that is providing this state-of-the-art testing.

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Advanced Cardiovascular Testing Juno Beach

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