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Menopause is an important change for women bringing a spectrum of symptoms that may include hot flashes, mood changes, palpitations, joint pain, vaginal dryness and lowered libido.   However, what is often overlooked are the medical consequences of menopause including increased risk for bone loss, dementia, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.   Safety data for hormone replacement has been skewed and scare tactics abound regarding hormone use.  

At Wellness First, we believe it is important for each woman to understand her individual risks at menopause and learn the facts regarding hormone replacement therapy’s benefits and risks.   We partner with our menopausal women to provide accurate information, and then individualize treatment using hormone therapy as appropriate. Hormone therapy can be given orally, transdermally with cream or patch, or with pellet therapy where estrogen and testosterone is implanted beneath the skin and is slowly released for 4 months.   We encourage each woman to learn more about this important time in her life by reading a book, ESTROGEN MATTERS, by Drs. A. Bluming and C. Tavris.   

Men & Testosterone

For men, declining testosterone levels occur more gradually in mid to later life.   Symptoms of low testosterone levels include low libido, erectile dysfunction, memory changes, loss of muscle mass, increasing fat mass, fatigue and mood changes.  Testosterone levels are determined through blood testing and if low, testosterone replacement therapy may be an option.   Testosterone is administered transdermally with gels, by injections, or with pellet therapy where testosterone is implanted beneath the skin and is slowly released for 4-6 months. 

We at Wellness First believe hormone replacement for women and men is an important tool for optimal health.   With a proper assessment of hormone status and a thorough explanation of treatment options, each individual will be able to make the best choice for her or his optimal health. Contact us for the best BioIdentical Hormone Therapy Juno Beach has to offer.

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