Dear Wellness First Patient:

Thank you for your kind responses to the videos we posted on lifestyle changes to boost your immunity.  We are thrilled you took the time to watch and listen to them.   We hope they added value to you and that you have already begun incorporating some changes into your daily routine. We are considering new topics and would love to hear your ideas and requests.  In the interim, here are some updates, reminders, and news on testing for COVID-19 at Wellness First.


  • We have learned that there is testing available through ACCESS Laboratory. There are two strategies for testing:
    • If you are acutely ill with fever and cough you should be tested with a nasal swab for the SARS CoV2 virus.
      • We will arrange for a kit to be sent to your home where you can collect the swab specimen and return the kit to ACCESS Laboratory.
      • We anticipate results in 24-48 hours after the lab receives your kit.
      • Cost – $179.00
    • If you are acutely ill OR If you would like to know if you have developed antibodies to the SARS CoV2 virus from prior exposure to a COVID-19 positive person and/or you had a recent upper respiratory infection, you can have a blood test for these antibodies.
      • Blood can be collected at our office on days we are open, either Tuesday or Thursday.
      • We anticipate results in 24-48 hours.
      • Cost: $119.00
    • If you want testing to see if you have developed antibodies to the SARS CoV2 virus, we advise waiting to get the antibody test until we are closer to the lifting of our quarantine. That is when it will be important to know if you have some antibody protection or not.   Testing will serve as a guide for each of us to better understand how we can safely interact with others.


We remain committed to our IV treatments to help boost immunity!  We were thrilled to hear Dr. Mark Hyman support both IV Vitamin C and Ozone as tools to boost immunity on his web page.

  • The office will conduct IV treatments on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 9 am to 4 pm.
  • We are offering two IV treatments to help boost your immunity: high-dose Vitamin C and Ozone therapy.
  • In addition, we also have a NEW IV Vitamin C formula with even more vitamin C and additional mineral support. For those of you that have received vitamin C therapy in the past, Dr. DiPiero will review your chart before your treatment and determine if you’re a candidate for this higher dose.
  • Also moving forward, in an effort to keep us all safe, we ask that patients coming to our office WEAR A FACEMASK. If you do not have one, we will provide one for you, but ask that you keep it for all future appointments as we have a limited supply. The office remains locked and each person is screened carefully before entering the office.  You will be asked to keep your mask on during vitals, blood draws, IV insertions, etc.  You may remove your mask during your treatment if you are the only one in the room, otherwise, it needs to remain on.  The staff will continue to wear the appropriate PPE during all patient interactions.
  • Each person receiving treatment will be placed in a room by themselves to reduce potential infectious exposure, unless you are coming with your spouse or significant other.
  • Our high dose IV Vitamin C cocktails will take approximately 75 minutes to administer and are $250-$350.
  • An ozone treatment will take approximately 45 minutes and is $200.
  • If you are interested in learning more, please call us at 561-491-4666 and press OPTION 1 or 2 to speak with us. Drs. Hadley and DiPiero will discuss your needs with you by phone and determine which treatment would be best for you.


  • Remember that these four tools are always available to you. Re-listen to our videos on our YouTube Channel if you need more convincing.
    • Stress management
    • Nutrition
    • Sleep
    • Exercise
  • Immune Boosting Supplements that are important right now include:
    • Vitamin D3 10,000 IU daily
    • Vitamin A 10,000 IU daily
    • Vitamin C 1-2 grams 2-3x a day
    • Zinc 30 mg twice a day
    • Melatonin 1-10 mg at night
    • If you cannot find these supplements, we may be able to help you. Call us to find out more.


  • We continue to have the capability to have audio and visual visits with you on your phone, iPad or computer that has a camera.
  • For our Medicare patients: Medicare is paying for these visits.  The Medicare requirement we must observe is to receive your VERBAL CONSENT to have this visit which we will ask for at the beginning of each Telehealth Visit.
  • Now is a great time to schedule your Annual Medicare Visit if you are due. You are at home with a more open schedule.   Both doctors have enjoyed completing these visits by video.  We have even more time to spend with you with less distractions.   It is the perfect time to review your problems, decide what testing needs to be completed, and map your health journey for 2020.
  • Visits may also cover any issue that you would normally have seen us for in office.
  • For our non-Medicare patients: We will be billing you for these visits at a rate of $170.
  • To schedule an appointment for a Telehealth Visit, please call us at 561-491-4666 and press OPTION 1 to make an appointment with Dr. Hadley or OPTION 2 to make an appointment with Dr. DiPiero.
  • For those patients who had upcoming office appointments scheduled, we will be reaching out to you to discuss changing the appointment to a Telehealth Visit

Sending you our best,

Holly W. Hadley, MD

Danielle DiPiero, DO

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