Dr Danielle DiPierro - Wellness First Juno Beach

C. Danielle DiPiero, DO


C. Danielle DiPiero, DO, is a board-certified family physician and member of the Institute for Functional Medicine. “Dr. D,” as her patients affectionately call her, joined Wellness First in 2017. Disillusioned and somewhat frustrated with the “one size fits all approach,” Dr. DiPiero has made it her mission to treat each person individually by first identifying the “why” or root cause of a problem or disease.


True to her osteopathic training, she sees each person as a “whole” – mind, body and spirit – and believes the body has an incredible ability to heal itself given the right tools, resources and knowledge. She believes empowering her patients to take control of their own health is of utmost importance. She aims to be a source of hope, encouragement and accountability to her patients, recognizing it is often small, consistent steps that eventually lead a person to a better state of health and healing.


When not at Wellness First, you can find Dr. D on the pickleball court, at church, working out at her local gym or getting her dog fix at Juno Beach. Originally from West Virginia, Dr. D has always considered Florida her home away from home and looks forward to deepening her roots here with family and serving the community in Palm Beach County.


Dr. DiPiero is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University and the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed her residency at Anmed Health in Anderson, SC.

Holly W. Hadley, MD


Holly W. Hadley, MD is an integrative primary care physician who founded Wellness First Concierge Medicine in 2010 to help people achieve optimal health.   After practicing medicine for 35 years, Dr. Hadley understands the most important aspect of medicine is listening to her patients and connecting with their concerns.  She continues to find great satisfaction applying the dynamic, ever-changing body of medical science to the individual needs of her patients.


Before Wellness First, Dr. Hadley owned Healthy Women, Healthy Families, and WomenFirst practices.   Originally, she focused on the primary care needs of women and then transitioned to broader primary care.  Integrating advanced cardiovascular and neurologic testing in combination with proactive medical treatments like nutrition, ozone, chelation and IV nutrition has been the most satisfying chapter in her career.   Her patients are achieving measurable improvement in their health.


Dr. Hadley received her bachelor’s and medical degree from the University of Florida and completed her family medicine residency at the Medical College of Virginia-Fairfax.

Dr. Holly W. Hadley, MD - Wellness First