Curated Supplements With You in Mind

The Orchard was born out of the hearts of two women doctors who wanted to bring clarity and confidence to their patients when choosing safe and effective supplements. Recognizing the degree of confusion and misinformation when shopping for supplements, the doctors decided to the heavy lifting by selecting some of the cleanest, safest, most effective products on the market.

While we teach and live by the mantra, “Food is Medicine,” we recognize most diets are far from perfect. We utilize supplements to do just that – supplement, or bridge the gap between our nutrition and nutritional needs. We also recognize no two people are the same, and often base our recommendations on diet, lifestyle, health goals and even genetics.

You will find a curated selection of products the physicians have found to have the greatest clinical benefit in their patients. Many of the products can only be offered through a physician office and are not available in a drugstore, vitamin shop or online.

Whatever your current needs, we hope you will shop with the Orchard with confidence!  If one of our products has been a game-changer for you, please tell us!  We love to hear from you!

Wellness First The Orchard

All supplements are not created equally nor benefit a person in the same manner. The Orchard was born from a desire to get clean, safe, clinically effective supplements into the hands of our patients.

Our doctors found that many of the cleanest, safest, most clinically relevant products can only be sourced through a private manufacturer and provided to the public through a physician.  As such, the doctors do their best to source products that are heavy metal tested, free of fillers, pesticides and mold.

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