The Wellness First Plus Center

What makes our IV Therapy Center different? Our physicians will guide you to select from our IV Therapy formulas to support you and your health goals. You don't have to worry about picking the right IV therapy by yourself. We will ensure you receive the most appropriate therapy for your individual needs.

At Wellness First, we pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality ingredients for our IV Therapy products. Our IV formulas are constantly evolving and improving. 

It is dubbed “The Plus Center” to encompass multiple modalities of therapies with the flexibility to expand. Currently, we offer IV Nutrient, IV Ozone, and IV Chelation therapies. These services are offered to both our primary care members and community non-members.


Our Most Popular Therapies


Optimizes nutrient status, replaces deficiencies, balances immunity, and reduces inflammation


Vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that regenerate tissues at the cellular level and improve health

Wellness First Peak Performance IV Therapy

Hydrates and repairs muscles and tissues with the help of vitamins and super amino acids

Boost your meal plan and exercise regimen with a healthy dose of B vitamins, carnitine, and taurine

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We Approach IV Therapy Differently

Difference #1

One differentiator between us and other IV centers is that the treatments and overall patient plan are physician-guided.  We provide direction to help you identify the best-suited IV treatment for your particular needs.  Non-members are asked to complete a brief questionnaire to help us better understand their medical history and health goals.  During your first IV treatment, you will meet with one of our physicians to formulate an individualized plan. We then draw labs prior to and throughout the course of the IV protocol to ensure clinical safety and tolerance.

Difference #2

We also differentiate ourselves through our specific nutrient therapies, which are more robust than most, both in the variety and concentration of nutrients in each treatment. Our therapies are not hydrating treatments (unless hydration is what is needed), but rather nutrient-dense therapies that are intended to perform a specific function(s) in the body. As you will see from our selection, our therapies are targeted to support GI health, hormone balance, sleep, overall immunity, metabolic health, mood, energy production, pain reduction, athletic performance and recovery.

Difference #3

A third differentiator is how we mix our nutrients. We follow the strictest guidelines, following several measures to ensure the greatest safety for our patients.  A few of these include mixing in a sterilized hood with sterile gloves, adding the nutrients to the bag within minutes of administering the therapy, only using the highest quality nutrients, and checking the bag at various points for precipitate.

IV Ozone Therapy

While other centers are performing IV Ozone, our particular protocol also includes IV nutrient therapy and antioxidant support to best allow the patient to tolerate the treatment. We have one of the premier ozone generator machines, the Herrmann, that allows us to offer multiple passes of ozone in one treatment, hence, the name, “Ten Pass.” Again, this too is individualized as not everyone needs or would benefit from a full ten passes of ozone, but might do best with 4, 6, or 8 passes

Our Space

Our space is designed for the comfort and privacy of our patients.  Instead of a large communal room, we have private rooms shared with potentially one other client. Our rooms are equipped with comfortable recliner chairs, blankets, end tables, quiet music and dimmable lights. We offer complimentary beverages and a protein bar of choice during your treatment.


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