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Wellness First is an integrative health care practice where concierge primary care meets functional medicine.

Is your doctor listening to you? Are you receiving the individualized care you need? At Wellness First, our mission is to listen to your story, design an integrative plan to meet your needs, and provide a level of service that helps you achieve optimal wellness. Welcome to a new way of primary care.

our approach

If your doctor is not talking to you about your diet, your healthcare is under-nourished.


State-of-the-Art Testing

Together, we can change primary care from a reactionary, one-size-fits-all model to a proactive one. This means we treat you like no one else. Through advanced functional testing, including ANS, heavy metal, and comprehensive blood tests, we are able to identify root causes of issues, often before symptoms even arise. From there, we develop an action plan to get your body back into balance.

Integrative Treatments

In an effort to provide the most comprehensive treatment plan, we offer array of progressive therapies. These treatments include, high-dose IV nutrients and minerals, IV and oral chelation, Prolozone®, ozone treatments, bio-identical hormones including pellet therapy, and an in-house apothecary.

Food as Medicine

We stand by the adage, “You are what you eat.” Therefore, we designed a dedicated space inside the practice to provide practical and helpful instruction surrounding nutrition. The Teaching Kitchen holds classes, demos and discussions to support you having a healthy relationship with food.

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Primary Care, rooted in Functional Medicine.